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Marketing Videos & Aerial Video Adelaide.

Marketing Videos & Aerial Video Adelaide

Fleetwood Digital has a vast history in marketing of businesses and franchises. Our clients include, Wendy’s, Nestle, Baskin Robbins and Pepsi.

Business brokers are using our services to promote businesses for sale. The videos are informative and answer many questions prospective purchasers may have.

We now offer aerial video and stills to even better showcase your property, location or to entice tourists to your area.

The Marina Hindmarsh Island


Oliver Taranga Aerial Footage

Coffee Bella.

Bluewater Point Resort

This presentation was used by Allied Brands to convey information to prospective franchisees.
Please enjoy Cookieman.


Here’s some Frequently Asked Questions that may assist you!

Can you create the script? Yes

What do you need from us? Very little really. A quick meeting to gather information then we are into it.

Do you have insurance? Yes $20 million.

What sort of cameras do you use? This varies to suit the job. But all are HiDef to ensure the very best picture quality.

What format will I receive my video on? Any format you want. Whether you need a DVD, Flash file, MP4, MOV we can supply it. Even videos in PDF format. Videos that have a Q code and videos ready for Youtube Vimeo and your website.

Do you use TV presenters in your videos, like news readers? Yes we do. Male and female.

Is there a music background? Yes. All videos produced by Fleetwood Digital go through audio post production to ensure excellent audio quality.

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