Fleetwood Digital

Can you create the script? Yes

What do you need from us? Very little really. A quick meeting to gather information then we are into it.

Do you have insurance? Yes $20 million.

What sort of cameras do you use? This varies to suit the job. But all are HiDef to ensure the very best picture quality.

What format will I receive my video on? Any format you want. Whether you need a DVD, Flash file, MP4, MOV we can supply it. Even videos in PDF format. Videos that have a Q code and videos ready for Youtube Vimeo and your website.

Do you use TV presenters in your videos, like news readers? Yes we do. Male and female.

Is there a music background? Yes. All videos produced by Fleetwood Digital go through audio post production to ensure excellent audio quality.

Do we tick all the boxes?

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